About Us

We are a small family ran business with big plans. 

We want to change lives and help others by providing people with knowledge and products that are betr4you and your families.

After having several children, we began looking deeper into the everyday products that we use...Unfortunately, what we found was very scary.

Not just with the health and beauty but the food industry as well. If you know you know... If not, I highly recommend you start doing some research on ingredients!
It is by no coincidence that many major health issues massively spiked along the same time frames as mass production and inclusion of these chemicals.

So, we set out on a mission to make changes in our lives, one step at a time.
Now we want to reflect & share what we are doing & learning. Leading to the beginning of this new chapter (Betr4you) that will someday impact millions!

Betr4you is going to make a huge wave in a major industry, brining people you like and your families healthier alternatives to everyday products. Starting with soaps, lotions, hand foam soap & more!