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We Are a Small Business Disrupting a Major Industry By Solving a Huge Problem.

Live Healthier

Betr4You products are made with Safer & Primarily Natural / Organic Ingredients. Our plan is to create not only a business, but a movement around making choices that are Betr4you and your families. As parents of 4, this is something we are passionate about.

Starting with Bars of Soap, Body Wash, Shampoo, Lotion, Hand Soap & more! We will be introducing new products every month, as well as hosting bundle giveaways across our social platforms and to email subscribers.

Next on our Roadmap: Offer glass bottle options. Add deoderant & hand soap. Improve shampoo labels (waterproof instead of just water resistant)

From One Family To Another: PLEASE READ

“Many Americans are unaware that they are absorbing untested and unsafe chemicals in their products,” said Alex Bergstein, a state senator.
"In the US we have a strong favouritism towards companies and manufacturersto the extent that public health and the environment is being harmed. The pendulum has swung in an extreme way and it’s really going to take a general awakening by the public.” -The quotes above are excerpts from The Guardian.

Out of the THOUSANDS of proven to be harmful chemicals BANNED across 40 different countries, only 9 have been banned in the US due to old policy and big business.
Have you ever researched the ingredients in your everyday bath and body products? Most of them include loads of unnecessary & harmful chemicals simply to make their products look, smell and feel better. They also add lots of synthetic fillers and preservatives to make it cheaper and "last longer" for mass production.

Betr4you products are handmade, mixed and poured with you in mind! Everday products elevated.

The bases used for our products are handmade by a local FDA approved facility.

Safer, Natural and mostly Organic ingredients.

Betr4you Products

If you are LOCAL please contact us at so we can give you the free shipping code and set up a pickup time.